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Mayor Charles Batchelder and the 2022 council members welcome you to Highland, KS. Highland is nestled in the very Northeast county of Kansas, a small community with a big heart.  With education at an utmost importance, Highland Community College gives many opportunities to community personnel and many others.  Being the “oldest college in Kansas,” Highland Community College gives a solid base to individuals wanting to further their education.  If adventure is your call, then Highland can give you that too.  Fishing, hunting and boating can all be done within a 5 mile radius from town.  Come visit Highland where Learning to Live is Living to Learn! (Standing L-R: Terry Gibson, Mayor Charles Batchelder, Keith Edmonds; Seated L-R: Marty Allen, Tana Snyder, Dan Collins)

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60th Anniversary of Home Rule

**City Water Has High Levels of Nitrate**
A water sample collected on 11/8/2021 showed a nitrate level of 13 mg/L. This is above the federal nitrate standard, or maximum contaminant level (MCL), of 10 mg/L. Nitrate in drinking water is a serious health concern for infants less than six months old.  Full Notice

Notice of Availability of an Environmental Assessment

Notice is hereby given that Rural Utilities Service (RUS), USDA, as required by the National Environmental Policy Act, is issuing an environmental assessment (EA) in connection with possible impacts related to a project proposed by City of Highland, of Doniphan County, Kansas. The proposal will construct a new ion exchange water treatment plant and 2 cell non-discharging lagoon system.  The City of Highland has submitted an application to RUS for funding of the proposal.  Full Notice.

Thank You From City of Highland

The City of Highland would like to thank all the local fire departments, emergency services, utility companies, the city staff, Mike Gamble, Floyd Moppin and everyone that has assisted with the house fire these past few days.  The quick and professional actions of everyone involved kept this fire from becoming a major disaster to our city.  Also, for our residents that have dealt with smoke and/or loss of power, your understanding of the situation is unmatched.  Our community is blessed to have such dedicated and understanding individuals that will rise to the top in an emergency.  Again, a BIG THANK YOU too all. Pictures and more description of the fire can be found on the Doniphan County Fire District #2 Facebook page.

**City Water Has High Levels of Nitrate**

A water sample collected on 5/3/2021 showed a nitrate level of 11 mg/L. This is above the federal nitrate standard, or maximum contaminant level (MCL), of 10 mg/L. Nitrate in drinking water is a serious health concern for infants less than six months old.  Full Notice

Water Conservation Throughout the Home
Today’s household uses water for numerous purposes. Everyday tasks like cleaning dishes, taking showers, doing laundry and washing the car can add up to several or even hundreds of gallons of water used every month.   See More Here

Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)

During the 2020 calendar year, the City of Highland had Nitrate violation of the drinking water regulations.  Nitrate in drinking water at levels above 10 ppm is a health risk for infants of less than six months of age.  High nitrate levels in drinking water can cause blue baby syndrome. Nitrate levels may rise quickly for short periods of time because of rainfall or agricultural activity.  If you are caring for an infant, you should ask for advice from your health care provider. There are no additional required health effects violation notices. Because of the sampling schedules, some of the results are more than one-year-old.  The Consumer Confidence Report is available directly on line by 
clicking here or anytime during business hours, you may pick up a hard copy at city hall.

Big Kansas Road Trip Postponed May 6-9, 2021
You can tell people about a good piece of made-from-scratch pie but there's nothing like actually smelling the aroma of it and taking that first bite and making swirls with the filling that drips on the plate and mixing it with the little pieces of sugary crust. Eating a pie in the location it's made is priceless. There is nothing like being there. The Big Kansas Road Trip is designed to turn people on to exploring by doing it and to do it in a way that will help sustain our communities.  Kansas communities are bolstered by people who love to explore.  The idea is to get people onto the back roads and into Kansas towns to actually SEE PLACES.  To actually EAT IN LOCAL CAFES and to talk to and GET TO KNOW THE LOCALS.

MODIFIED Highland Cleanup Day 2021

The City of Highland has designated Friday, April 23rd, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday, April 24th, 9 a.m. to noon, as “Highland City-Wide Cleanup Day.”  The city will continue to hold a Modified Cleanup Day, same as last year.

There will be a dumpster near the burn pile at the bottom of the hill east of town for any Highland resident to use for disposal of acceptable items.  This is the time to clean out and get rid of old appliances; air conditioners; mowers; furniture; sinks, tubs and toilets; bedsprings and mattresses; etc.  Residents with larger items may set them at curbside, report the item(s) and location to city hall (442-3765) and city workers will pick up.  No employee or volunteer will be available to assist with removal of item from the home.  

From now thru Friday, April 16th, the city will assist in hauling limbs to the burn pile.  Place the limbs in a pile along the street and call city hall.  The burn pile is open for residents to use for disposal of yard waste and tree limbs ONLY.   NO trash or construction material.

We will NOT be able to help you dispose of household hazardous waste.  Household hazardous waste can be taken to the Road and Bridge shop at 1144 St. Columbus Road, Wathena, on April 15th, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. or on the 3rd Thursday of every month.  Acceptable items include antifreeze, herbicides, pesticides, transmission fluid, brake fluid, household cleaners, paint and paint products, spray paint, fluorescent light bulbs and ballasts, alkaline and Ni-Cad batteries and fire extinguishers.  Must show proof of being a Doniphan County resident.  For more information, call NEK Environmental Services at 785-985-2778.

This Modified COVID-19 Cleanup Day is subject to change as the city will follow the recommendations and guidelines in place on the scheduled dates.  City-Wide Cleanup Flyer

**City Water Has High Levels of Nitrate**
A water sample collected on 2/10/2021 showed a nitrate level of 13 mg/L. This is above the federal nitrate standard, or maximum contaminant level (MCL), of 10 mg/L. Nitrate in drinking water is a serious health concern for infants less than six months old.  Full Notice

Kansas Severe Weather Awareness Week
March 1-5, 2021

The National Weather Service and Kansas Division of Emergency Management have announced March 1st thru 5th as Severe Weather Awareness Week in Kansas.

Summer Rec Director Position
City of Highland is seeking applications for a Summer Recreation Director.  Interested individuals may inquire at city hall, 220 W. Main Street, 785-442-3765.  Applications accepted until filled.  EOE - Application Form - Responsibilities of Rec Director

2021 Scouts Anniversary Week - Feb. 7-13, 2021

Wearing Masks In ALL Public Places Recommended

Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)
During the 2019 calendar year, the City of Highland had no violations of drinking water regulations.  Because of the sampling schedules, some of the results are more than one-year-old.  The Consumer Confidence Report is available directly on line by clicking here or anytime during business hours, you may pick up a hard copy at city hall.

Water and Sewer Rates Increase

The council approved ordinances which increased the water and sewer rates an average of 12-15% effective January 22nd.  The increase will be seen on the bill due March 1st. An increase was required to provide ongoing maintenance and needed improvements to a 1960 constructed sewer system along with continued service on the city’s water system.  The last rate increase occurred in 2016. The full ordinances may be viewed at City Hall or online at:

City Announces Sidewalk Reimburstment Policy
The Highland City Council has established a uniform policy to encourage the installation and replacement of sidewalks in the city. A fixed amount of funds will be set aside, on an annual basis, for the purpose of partially reimbursing landowners that undertake and pay for such projects. Repair of sidewalks, as opposed to replacement, is not eligible for reimbursement. For the year 2020, the city has allocated a total of $5,000 under the policy, the terms of which are as follows:
• To be eligible for reimbursement, all such projects must be of quality workmanship and in accordance with standard design criteria.
• The landowner must pay for the work and file for reimbursement with the city.
• Reimbursement is for 50% of actual cost, subject to certain limitations.
• Priority is given to the downtown area, defined to be Main St between Kansas St and Ives St.
• Other areas of the city become eligible if all funding is not used in the downtown area on or before April 30 of each year.

The specific details of the policy, as adopted in Resolution 19-3, can be reviewed online or at city hall. For any other questions, or to apply for reimbursement see attached form or  contact the city clerk.

Help Prevent Sewer Backups

Everyone can contribute to the success of sewer lines flowing freely whether it is in your home, business, apartment or public places.  Only two items are flushable – human waste and toilet paper.  All other items are to be disposed of in the trash.  “Disposable” or “flushable” wipes are not to be flushed as they do not break down like toilet paper and can clog the home’s plumbing system and/or the city’s sewage pumps.  F.O.G. (Fats, Oils and Grease) also contribute to clogged sewer pipes.  All grease and grease products should be disposed of in the trash.  City Emergency numbers:  City Hall (785) 442-3765, Aaron Leach (785) 741-1131 or Trevor Saunders (785) 741-4919     See Attached Flyers - Preventing Sewer Backups - What Not To Flush - Printable Bathroom Poster - Frequently Asked Questions - Disposal Of Food Scraps, Fats, Oil & Grease

Doniphan County Household Hazzardous Waste
A FREE program to help Doniphan County residents remove household hazardous waste.  Call NEK Environmental Services with any questions 785-985-2778.

Highland Parking Ordinance
The City of Highland, effective as of June 29, 2017, established new restrictions concerning parking of certain types of vehicles, trailers and agricultural equipment on city streets.  Ordinance #538 was adopted by the governing body in response to many discussions and complaints made through the years concerning safety issues, specifically, such parking causing difficulty in seeing around the parked equipment and blocking safe passage in the adjacent roadway.  Additionally, it was felt that heavy equipment, including semi-trucks and semi-trailers, was causing permanent damage to city streets. The complete terms of Ordinance #538 can be reviewed at city hall or by visiting the city’s website at .

In brief summary, the ordinance disallows parking of the following on any street within the corporate city limits:  semis, semi-trailers, gooseneck and box trailers, commercial motor vehicles, farm tractors and implements, RVs, and school busses.   Exceptions are allowed for temporary parking to frequent a retail business, delivery vehicles and vehicle repair businesses.  

The governing body is looking forward to citizens and the travelling public voluntarily complying with the new law.  If anyone has a question concerning interpretation of the ordinance, or how it may apply in any given situation, they are encouraged to contact the police department or office of the city attorney. 

Notice to All City of Highland Dog Owners
City Hall is currently accepting registration for 2020 Registration – The owner, keeper, harborer of any dog over two months of age must register the dog within 30 days of acquisition and must pay an annual registration fee on or before January 31 of each calendar year.  After February 28th, the penalty for late registration will increase $2.00 for each dog and law enforcement officials may issue a citation for non-registration.  The following registration fees apply: For each non-spayed female, $6.00. For each spayed female and each male, $3.00.  Call city hall or stop by city hall for a hard copy 785-442-3765.

NOTICE to Highland Residents:
The City of Highland will soon begin more vigilant enforcement of Dog Ordinance #393, which requires that all dogs must be confined to their owner's property or otherwise remain under the direct control of their owner.  Citations will be issued in municipal court for dogs running at large and, if captured, dogs will be impounded.  Owners are subject to fines and associated costs.  Click for Full Ordinance 

Online Payment Now Available!
City of Highland is offering another option to make your municipal court or utility payments.  The city is using Kansas Information Consortium, LLC (dba for online payments.  Click here to make a payment.   Disclaimer:  You will be leaving the City of Highland’s website and going to a website that is not operated by the city. 

The City of Highland, its employees and agents bear no liability or responsibility, in any manner whatsoever, in connection with the usage or operation of this, or any other, linked website, including the content, accessibility or availability thereof.  

About Third Party Links on Our Site:
The links provided in our website are provided solely for your convenience and may assist you in locating other useful information on the internet.  When you click on these links you will leave the City of Highland’s website and will be redirected to another site.  These sites are not under the control of the city.  The city is not an agent and we do not endorse or guarantee their products.  We make no representation or warranty regarding the accuracy of the information contained in the linked sites.  We suggest that you always verify the information obtained from linked websites before acting upon this information.   If you have any questions or concerns about the products and services offered on linked third party websites, please contact the third party directly

Doniphan County's Recycling Program
Please feel free to share this and help spread the word. In addition, paper versions of this brochure will be available at various locations across the county for citizens to pick up, including the County Clerk's office at the courthouse in Troy. Thank-you for recycling!  Sheet #1 - Sheet #2

Community Center Rental
For scheduling dates for use of the Highland Community Center contact Highland City Hall (785.442.3765)  For more details, click here

News Archives


In January of 2011, Highland PRIDE voted to raise $7,000 to purchase lighted snowflakes for the downtown streetlights and become the self-proclaimed “Snowflake City of Kansas.”  Full Article

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